-Domesticities relationship to the inhabitant may be reduced to an occupants interaction with a family of horizontal planar elements; stairs, counter, table, bed, seat, floor, etc. Thus, the stairs become the area of interest within the unit, possessing both vertical and horizontal circulation and program within a single entity where various programs may converge if the need occurs. As interior walls become abandoned for the open-plan, variation in elevation serves as the distinction between public and private spaces within the dwelling.

-Collective Housing Prototype, Dimitrie Stefanescu

-The Reading Room, Archimorph

-Stavanger Concert Hall, BIG

-Wooden House, Sou Fujimoto

-Spanish Steps, Pietro Bernini

-TurnON-Urban Sushi, Alles Wird Gut

-Cave Restaurant, Koichi Takada Architects

-Suzuki House, Bolles + Wilson

-Banq Restaurant, Office DA

-Esker Haus, Plasma Studio

-Stairs House, y+m Design Office


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