a+p smithson: golden lane

-The Golden Lane project, which had been such a powerful tool in the early days of Team 10, was re-worked into the Robin Hood Gardens scheme. The Smithsons set out to prove that high density and tight restrictions on budget would not necessarily result in a lower standard of living. Although both the schemes include the ‘streets in the air’ concept, the architectural hierarchies are quite different. Golden Lane is based on the idea of multiplicity. The building block was intended to be used as an element in a super structure (see figure 2.4 and 4.3). –Link

The initial trajectory for the in_flux studio is a precedent study of notable housing projects which reiterate the ideas of polyvalence, variability, indeterminant space, open building, and/or mass customization. My specific charge is the dissection of the Golden Lane project by architect’s Alison + Peter Smithson. The goal is to ‘collect, filter, analyze, and represent information on the assigned project as it explicitly relates to the issues below. Diagrams and drawings related to each of the issues are to be delineated at an architectural scale consistent with all precedents and appropriate to the project and sheet size. The drawings suggested below should be considered a minimum, where further exploration is encouraged.’

The following ideas should be translated and transformed:

Massing – Describe with particular attention to the interaction of mass with context, ground plane, and natural light.
Unit Types – Individual unit arrangements (plan) and global unit distributions (diagram).
Fenestration – Describe at the level of the individual window (section) and overall composition (elevation)
Circulation – Show circulation in relation to typical and emergency situation, overall and within the units.
Systems – Major construction to include diagrams of structure, envelope, and mechanical.
Revisions – Place the precedent study on the studio site as a plan and as a massing diagram.


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